As a homeowner you take pride in your garage door.  Not only is it part of the security of your property, it’s an extension of the beauty of your home.  To put it simply, it’s part of your curb appeal.

However, it’s not always easy keeping your garage door looking good.  A lot of upkeep is required.  If you have a metal garage door it’s especially vulnerable to dings.  There’s  always at risk for accidents caused by playing kids, flying balls, and car collisions.  

What’s more, repairs for these dents can add up.  Knowing how to mend minor dimples can save your wallet.  Clearly, if there are huge cavities and craters in your garage door you’ll need expert help, but with small dips there are simple repairs you can do. 

Below are instructions for one of these simple fixes.

Materials Needed

You’ll need to collect some simple items.  Fortunately, you can pick them up from your local hardware store.  They include:

  • auto body filler
  • 80 and 120 grit sandpaper
  • cardboard
  • rubber mallet
  • wood block
  • plastic putty knife
  • paint

Repair Steps

1. Put the wood block on the swollen end of the dent.  Tap the block with the rubber mallet to flatten the dip.

2. Take the 120 grit sandpaper and sand down the surface of the dent.

3. On a piece of cardboard, mix a good amount of auto body filler with hardener.  Keep in mind, that the more hardener you add, the faster it’ll start to set and cake.

4. With the plastic putty knife, spread the filler over the hollowed surface of the ding.  Fill in any other uneven surfaces in the door, as well.  Let it dry (it should take around 20 minutes) and then sand it with the 80-coarseness sandpaper.

5. Smooth down the problem area further with the 120-coarseness sandpaper.

6. Refinish that door with paint.  Make sure the paint is even across the entire garage door.

With just these easy steps you can fix any minorgarage door panel repair ding in your garage door.  There’ll be instances where a simple repair won’t suffice, however.  In those instances you’ll need the help of a reliability garage door company.  Certified technicians can install replacement panels to make your garage door look as good as new.